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Since South Africa's re-entry into the international sport arena there has been a growing interest in sport on participatory as well as spectator levels. In order to improve, or even maintain this level of participation and interest, it was realized that all sport organizations needed to adopt a more business-like approach to sport management. As a result more full-time, professionally trained managers and formal training courses in sport management are needed. To address these needs the Nelson Mandela University developed, and is therefore convener for, a national three year qualification in Sport Management.

A unique feature of this diploma is that it makes it possible for the student to develop his or her full sporting potential. Coaching of a very high standard is offered and the student has the use of sophisticated equipment in a modern well-equipped gymnasium. Scientific fitness-testing is also conducted. Training in the treatment of sport injuries is offered by a reputable organization. The courses in coaching and the laws of the game which are included in this diploma are recognized by the sport controlling bodies. Nelson Mandela University has the facilities to host national as well as international sport events. eg. the Astro Turf Hockey pitch. The Humewood Golf course is within walking distance of the Tuniversity, and the indoor sport stadium can accommodate indoor sport events such as soccer and hockey.

Aims and Objectives

The diploma aims to prepare a student for a career in sport management, professional sport, sport club management, sport marketing and promotion or own business management in sport. The individual who seeks employment in sport-related activities must be competent to perform a wide variety of duties including :

  • Planning, organizing and controlling sport events
  • Managing funds and preparing financial statements
  • Public speaking
  • Negotiating sponsorships
  • Managing sport facilities
  • Purchasing sport equipment and other requirements
  • Liaison with the various sport controlling bodies
  • Marketing sport to the public
  • Managing sport organizations - profit and non-profit oriented


The National Diploma: Sport Management is a three year full-time course offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences. In the third year students are required to undertake six months experiential learning at an approved sport related workstation (eg. sport department, sport club, sport marketing company, provincial sport association or the national head office of such an association etc.)  

Third Year - Semester 1 Third Year - Semester 2
Sport Management III

Experiential Learning (Six month sport related full time work experience)

Sport and Physical Recreation Studies III  
Personal Selling I  



First Year Second Year

Sport Management I

Sport Management II
Sport and Physical Recreation Studies I Sport and Physical Recreation Studies II
Marketing I Marketing II
Consumer Behaviour I Public Relations II
Public Relations I Communication English A
  End User Computing I


Admission Requirements

Besides the minimum requirements for entry into Nelson Mandela University, students should have achieved the following:

- APS: 29 points

- NSC achievement rating of at least 4 (50-59%) for Mathematics Literacy or 2 (30-39%) for Mathematics 

Career Opportunities

  • Sport manager within sport departments at universities, technikons and other tertiary institutions
  • Sport manager at schools
  • Government and local government departments responsible for sport/recreation advancement
  • Provincial sport associations or the national office of such associations
  • Sport club/country club management
  • Own business management in sport
  • Professional sport
  • Sport/recreation organization for large corporations
  • Marketing/management position for sportswear and equipment distributors
  • Hotels and resorts - recreation and sport management
  • Sport management/marketing companies
  • Player management/marketing companies
  • Management positions within the health and fitness industry (gymnasiums)
  • Sport/recreation facility management





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