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Human Movement Science

So you came, you saw, you conquered!
But what happened next? 

We are in the process of establishing an Alumni database whereby past students in the former UPE/NMMU HMS Department and the former PE Technikon/NMMU Sport Management diploma can contact each other and revive old friendships. This database would also provide network opportunities as we share our success stories.  

Please contact us with your details (e.g. name, course and when you graduated) as well as a life update. You can also send photos in digital JPG format so that we can also marvel at your newlyfound beauty.

To send us an email, just go to our personnel list and click on your favourite staff member or send your email to the department webmaster.

We have also created three facebook groups for our alumni and students to get in contact with each other and to share news with the Human Movement Science department.

UPE/NMMU Human Movement Science Alumni  - facebook group

PE Technikon/NMMU Sport Management Alumni - facebook group

CIES/NMMU Sport Management Alumni and Students - facebook group

Some of our alumni below employed by the Human Movement Science Department. 


Standing (from left to right)

Kabir Vaghmaria - BA HMS (Honours in Biokinetics) Francois Holder - BA HMS (Honours in Biokinetics) Hanneke Erasmus - Physiotherapist, Karen Ferreira Secretary, Mark Kramer - BA HMS (Honours in Biokinetics), Nadus Nieuwoudt - MA (HMS) Biokinetics (Biokineticist) Lisa Grenfell - MA (HMS) Biokinetics (Senior Biokineticist)

Seated (from left to right)

Samantha Kahts - BA HMS (Honours in Biokinetics), Gwenivere Sims - BA HMS (Honours in Biokinetics) Zelda Erasmus - BA HMS (Honours in Biokinetics), Teneille Venter - BA HMS (Honours in Biokinetics) Terry Flanagan - BA HMS (Honours in Biokinetics), Reiner Von Der Merwitz - BA HMS (Honours in Biokinetics)

Contact information
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Lecturer and Webmaster
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