The Human Movement Science Department on the Summerstrand South Campus presents all the undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in human movement science.

Located in building 125, the Human Movement Science Department offers four degrees in which human movement science may be selected as a major. We also house the Eastern Cape Academy of Sport and its High Performance Unit which is extensively used by national and international athletes as well as professional sports teams. The Human Movement Science Department on South Campus also has several international students who choose to register for our courses and our global outlook means that our qualifications will lead to exciting careers anywhere in the world.



All our programs, whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level, are underpinned by a core body of knowledge rooted in the mother disciplines of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, physics, psychology, sociology and business management. 

The core body of knowledge of Human Movement Science includes subjects such as functional anatomy, exercise and sport physiology, motor control and learning, biomechanics, sport and exercise psychology, sport sociology, growth and development, instruction and program planning, sports management and recreation.

Contact information
Dr Aayesha Kholvadia
Head of Department
Tel: 041 504 4870