The Department of Human Movement Science moved into their new building on South Campus on the 18th and 19th of July 2013. The Eastern Cape Academy of Sport shares the building with HMS. There is still finalisation work happening and the building is not complete, but lecturing and work is carrying on. The Biokinetics and Sport Science Unit is up and running and the new facilities are being enjoyed by its patients and clients.

It is the first time that the Sport Management staff and students are under the same roof as the staff and students from HMS. Dietetics will be moving into the new building once their facilities are completed by the end of September 2013. Building 125 as it is called, will be the official home of the School of Lifestyle Sciences.

Building 125 is in Protea road on the way to the stadium at south campus.

We look forward to a successful future in our new premises.

Front row left to right: B. Dumbu, M. Baard, V. Oosthuizen

Back row from left to right:S. Ellis, J. Lightfoot, R. Du Randt, R. Raffan, L. Slogrove, C. Walter, G. Halforty