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Congratulations to Mandi Maritz a third year HMS student who has been selected to participate in the forthcoming World (Rescue 2014) Lifesaving Championships taking place in Montpellier, France from the 16th September – 10th October 2014. Mandi specialises in the beach event, this includes beach sprints and beach flags. The World Championships is every two years and this will be her fourth one she is competing in.



About the event:

Rescue 2014 will include five separate competitions - World National Team Championships, World Interclub Championships, World Masters Championships, World Surf Boat Championships, and World Inflatable Rescue Boat Championships.

Rescue 2014 is open to all proficient lifesavers. The Masters competition is open to all proficient lifesavers who are 30 years of age or above.

Athletes can compete in ten separate disciplines - swimming, simulated emergency rescue, Ironman / Ironwoman, surf-ski, board, beach sprints, beach flags, surf boats and IRB. Beach, all ocean events will be held at La Grande Motte. Montpellier’s Antigone Olympic pool will host all Pool events. There are many countries around the world competing in this event where only 12 people in each representative country is selected, 6 women and 6 men.

You can follow Mandi on

Twitter- @Mandi_Maritz

Instagram - mandimaritz