Comprehensive academic programmes within the different spheres of sport is what defined and made Human Movement Science Department become well-known and stand out in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Nelson Mandela University since its inception.

Ranging from biokinetics to sport management, our programmes give practical and applied knowledge as well as  provide numerous career opportunities.

Our Department offers both diploma and degree courses at undergraduate level as well as honours, masters and doctorate courses for postgraduate studies.

Every year, over 100 undergraduate students choose to undertake modules within the Human Movement Science & Sport Management department and these modules include sport management, sport marketing, anatomy, sport psychology and exercise science.  Modules are taught by academic staff that have specialized knowledge in their different areas of interest.

Our small student intake allows more supportive interaction between the lecturer and the student. Students are encouraged to participate in class and extramural activities in order to fully understand the study material. The well structured programmes offered in our Diploma in Sport Management course has made it one of the most popular undergraduate diploma courses while postgraduate biokinetics interns have the opportunity to work within our Nelson Mandela University Biokinetics and Sport Science Centre, an accredited biokinetics training institute.


Undergraduate programmes 

The following undergraduate programmes are offered at the Summerstrand South Campus.  


Bachelor Degree:

In association with other faculties at the Nelson Mandela University, Human Movement Science is also taken as a major in the following 3-year degree programme on the Summerstrand South Campus: 


Post-graduate programmes

The following postgraduate programmes are offered at the Summerstrand South Campus.  

Honour Degree:

Master Degree:

Doctoral Degree: 

*For more information on these qualifications please be referred contact the Department.


Contact information
Prof Cheryl Walter
Head of Department
Tel: 27 41 504 2628