In the Board Notice 34 of 1987 of the South African Medical and Dental Council, now the South African Health Professions Council, Biokinetics was registered as a profession for Medical Scientists. The result of this registration was that Biokineticists trained since 1984 can now register as paramedical professionals practicing independently as Biokineticists. The Nelson Mandela University Department of Human Movement Science was the fifth institution to qualify for the training of Biokineticists and the first four students qualified in 1991.

Since its inception, the Unit has dealt with people with exercise risks and also provides services to top sportspeople to enhance their performance. The Unit's focus has been widened to specifically provide sport science support to top performers. The Gold accreditation awarded by the Sport Information and Science Agency, prompted the Department to reflect this service in the name, which subsequently was changed to the Biokinetics and Sport Science Centre and then lately to the Nelson Mandela University Biokinetics & Sport Science Unit.

The Nelson Mandela University Biokinetics and Sport Unit forms an integral part of the academic training and serves undergraduate as well as postgraduate learners. It also provides a fully accredited Biokinetics practice where qualified learners can complete their internship.


The staff of the Biokinetics and Sport science centre at the Nelson Mandela University BSSU is committed:

  •  to provide community service at the highest professional level,
  •  to provide the best possible academic support, and
  •  to actively stimulate and promote research in the various disciplines of Human Movement  Science.


The Nelson Mandela University BSSU  is the business unit of the Department of Human Movement Science & Sport Management. Therefore the HOD, Prof Cheryl Walter, is the Head of the Unit. Other academic staff  contribute to the activities of the Centre in training both undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as supervising research of postgraduate students. 

The Nelson Mandela University BSSU is managed by Mrs. Lisa Grenfell who is responsible for all the operational functions of the unit and its satellite practices. This includes the following:

  • practicing as a biokineticist
  • training interns and post graduate students in the practical aspects of the Biokinetics profession
  • lecturing honours students in the theoretical aspects of the profession
  • managing the administrative, financial and operational activities involved in running a Biokinetics practice.  

The Nelson Mandela University BSSU further employs full time sports science practitioners who are responsible for all sports science support services on offer at the Unit. These include the testing and training / support of Nelson Mandela University and regional / national academies (Elite Sprint Centre, International Cricket Academy, Lennon Cricket Academy and others), SISA athletes, Nelson Mandela University sports teams, school and club sports teams. There is also a dedicated physiotherapist.

In addition, the Nelson Mandela University BSSU employs Biokinetics interns who complete their practical training in the Unit and its satellite practices.

Contact information
Mrs Lisa Grenfell
Senior Biokineticist: NMU Biokinetics & Sport Science Unit
Tel: 27 41 504 2603