The Human Movement Science Department at Nelson Mandela University hosted the third annual conference of the South African Society of Biomechanics and had 31 representatives from various South African universities. To everyone's delight, the conference actually took place in person between September 11 -12.
All lab scientists were expected to collaborate, integrate their expertise across universities, and standardize lab procedures as part of the conference's objectives. Additionally, it served as a fantastic platform for networking and bringing individuals together.
Professor Felipe Carpes, the elective chair of the International Society of Biomechanics, and Associate Professor Janine Gray, from the University of Cape Town, graced the occasion. The two exchanged key perspectives on the future direction of the biomechanics society and how to use the community to expand research and knowledge in biomechanics and all other related subjects, as well as to enhance undergraduate and postgraduate academic assistance.
The young investigators award was up for grabs during the conference, and our very own Courtney Musson gave a presentation. The presentations were made by members of the society. She achieved a thrilling rating of number two. She has our highest praise!
In conclusion, the conference was a success, and we applaud the Department's tremendous work and are grateful to the biomechanics society and all of the attendees for making it a success.