Courtney Musson, a qualified Sport Scientist, who is currently the Laboratory Technician within the Department of Human Movement Science at the Nelson Mandela University, recently presented an oral poster based on her Master's research.

Her topic related to the use of accelerometers in tracking stroke kinematics, such as stroke length and rate as well as how efficient it was to obtain these variables in the pool with different swimmers and strokes and how reliable their equipment was. 

The ECSS (European College of Sport Science) Annual Congress took place between 5-7 July 2023 in Paris, France. The Congress showcased research topics related to sport science, nutrition, biomechanics, motor control and physiology related to various sports.

"The most fun was meeting researchers that I've read articles of and watching them present their latest research which was really informative", shared Courtney, elaborating that "what was also really fun was just getting to see all the different types of research out there, not just in my own interest field but also to challenge myself and listen to something different and learn something new". 

We are so proud of you Courtney!